It's been awhile

Monday, April 15, 2013 - Posted by Lauren at 6:38 PM
...but we're still working towards getting our home listed for sale.

From the time the builders drove away through the 4 years Jonathan has owned it, zero improvements have been made on this place, so we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

In the past few months, I've made or done the following to help stage the interior:

a faux padded headboard
floral arrangements
wall art and original paintings
painted furniture
painted lamps
painted mirrors and frames

I'm sure I'll eventually get some photos and tutorials posted of how those projects have gone.

Last week Jonathan took off a few days from work in order to do some outdoor work with me.

I painted the front door. He painted the porch beams.

Several week ago we had some help planting a weeping cherry tree and hauling medium-sized river rocks to create a little rock garden in our front yard.

Then it was time to do something to help our "porch" look more finished. So we had a couple more tons of small river rock delivered.

And we shoveled and carried and shoveled and carried for the next several hours.

We had to haul rock in buckets since we don't have a wheelbarrow.

We were able to get it all done about 30 seconds before it started raining.
And here are our exhausted smiles of relief to be done before the deluge.
(I sure love my darling husband!)

The next day, despite our incredible aches and pains, we got back out there and worked on cleaning the siding. I was the least dizzy of the two of us (with so much pollen in the air, it's hard for anyone to remain unaffected), so I spent most of my day on the ladder, while Jonathan held the bottom steady or worked on the lower areas.

        And then one of our really nice neighbors came on over to offer us the use of his mammoth pressure washer. (He had also kindly lent us two additional 5 gallon buckets for our rock-moving day.) Apparently he's in the business of selling detergents, so he had some killer bleach and highway detergent all mixed up for us. He stuck around long enough to be captured digitally as he helped spread the caustic solution. Even with the totally fabu oscillating pressure-washing nozzle, detergent and broom, the crazy red clay here was a major pain to remove. When we returned the pressure washer he gave us tips about buying some sealant to paint the concrete with. So... when the weather dries up a little that will probably be our next big project along with putting larger river rocks along the border of the rock bed around the "porch."  

I know it's cliche, but it's awfully difficult to put in all this work to our really endearing home and property and still know that we need to move away. Especially with our nice neighbors doing all they can to keep us here!